Better Musculoskeletal Outcomes Across the Board with J-Score™.



MyMedicalHub’s J-Score™ — a disruptive, mass market tool that identifies Injury risks in advance to deliver significant cost-savings & efficiency while also proactively improving patient musculoskeletal healthcare market.

Preventing Injuries before they happen & improving Patients Outcomes when they do


If anyone understands the healthcare challenges of today, it’s you … the healthcare professional. Rising costs. Capitation. Patient recruitment. Patient retention. Administrator oversight. Payor demands. Plan of Care compliance. Time. Specifically, too much time needed to complete mandated tasks or not enough time to produce ideal outcomes for your patients.

And as a Healthcare Provider addressing musculoskeletal health (MSH), you already know that joint injury prevention and treatment is a massive problem.

$1+ trillion* to be exact, just in the United States alone.


Our Solutions

Our revolutionary patent- pending value based care return on investment  technology connects our Network of Excellence (NOX™) providers with employers and payers at favorable fee schedules due to our ability to monitor and track provider’s outcomes.

Our suite of musculoskeletal solutions enables  you to gain control of your patient’s care while getting paid appropriately to deliver it, the way healthcare was intended to be.

Our J-Score® results in an efficient, and easy to understand Report of Findings, (ROF,) that assesses, predicts, monitors and manages patient outcomes from the get-go. The user friendly, ROF and mapped therapy solutions, simplify and improve your physician-patient interaction, and enable measured performance and outcome among all providers. As a result, it increases the reimbursable rates for providers, from the top spine surgeon to the medical assistant. Our offering is currently reimbursable by Medicare and private payers. It can also can be performed via our telemedicine module, thus enabling remote monitoring and measuring of patients’ progress.

Providers Opportunities