Preventing injuries before they happen & improving patient outcomes when they do.

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MyMedicalHUB empowers and provides better insight to patients, employees, employers, and providers by capturing the overall multi-factorial data points driving the causation of injuries.


By leveraging MyMedicalHUB’s predictive musculoskeletal based analytics and our patent-pending value based care Return-On-Investment real-time reporting AI,  enables employers to directly partner with providers who are making the largest impact on their employee productivity and healthcare expenses.


MyMedicalHUB’s revolutionary J-Score™ Assessment identifies and quantifies risk factors that are predisposing people to catastrophic injuries. Our reporting enables an improved doctor-patient encounter while providing the most efficacious, evidence based plans of care in order to reduce the degenerative issues that are leading them to catastrophic injuries.

“1 out of 2 Americans suffer from musculoskeletal pain.”

“Drugs and surgery often do more harm than good.”


  • Better patient outcomes

  • Better patient compliance

  • Improved patient care

  • Patient satisfaction and health management

  • Additional CPT Code billing opportunities

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  • Healthier employees through early interventions

  • Post offer, pre-placement employment screens

  • Reduce absenteeism

  • Lower the cost of worker’s compensation

  • Return to work screens

  • Proactive injury prevention

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  • TPA’s

  • Wellness Companies

  • IPA’s

  • ACO’s

  • Value Based Care Networks

  • Hospital Systems

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Executive Team

Walter Groteke
Walter GrotekeCo-Founder, Chairman, President & CEO
Eric Groteke
Eric GrotekeCo-Founder & Chief Operating Officer
Shoriful IslamCo-Founder & Chief Technology Officer
Robert Symanski, CPA
Robert Symanski, CPAChief Financial Officer

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