AI-powered, ever-learning engine to beat musculoskeletal pain

AI-powered, ever-learning engine.

My Medical Hub is a cloud-based, predictive healthcare informatics and technology health/wellness services company.

MyMedicalHub leverages our proprietary, all-encompassing SaaS technology, to accurately identify and report the risk factors that pre-dispose people to catastrophic musculoskeletal injuries within a body region. This approach results in more efficient doctor-patient visits and more effective employer wellness programs. MyMedicalHub’s approach provides more accurate treatment interventions and ideally, when musculoskeletal risk factors are identified and benchmarked, can be predictive in preventing and/or minimizing painful and costly injuries.
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The Fysical Score™

Peer-reviewed and validated assessment to diagnose musculoskeletal injuries and potential injuries

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Secure Telehealth Portal

MyMedicalHub empowers patients to request a referral and schedule an appointment with a physician on the Hub. Providers can meet new patients and track progress with existing patients. The auto-generated appointments sync with the provider’s EMR to ensure accurate patient information prior to, during and following the visit. Since MyMedicalHub syncs with EMRs, it’s the right solution for patients throughout the care continuum, from initial diagnosis, through treatment and rehab, and for ongoing patient monitoring. This HIPAA-compliant interface enables a provider-patient visit online from anywhere at any time.

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Telehealth Portal
Treatment Insight Report

AI-Powered Physicians Assistant

Conduct screenings or assessment questions prior to the provider entering the virtual treatment room. Auto-generates the appointment report and syncs with the provider’s EMR to ensure accurate patient information. Summarizes insights from the community of patients with a similar diagnosis. Maps the most efficacious treatment plans.

Patient’s AI-Coach

MyMedicalHub’s AI-Coach supports the patient from initial diagnosis and throughout treatment. Walks the patient through a Fysical Score assessment. That assessment leads to a correct diagnosis, by evaluating it against thousands of other assessments within the hub. Observes the patient performing prescribed stretches and exercises and coaches them. All of this takes place via a secure, HIPAA-compliant interface.

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Chatbot & Auto Pain Recorder

Pain Recorder

The AI-Coach also includes a verbal/audio chatbot to ask the patient about pain levels and activities throughout the day. At the end of each day, the AI-Coach automatically updates the patient’s pain journal in the providers’ EMR. The AI-PA flags anomalies for the provider. In this way, the provider can easily see how the patient is progressing and which activities are helping or hindering the patient’s improvement
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Employer Insights Portal

Employer Insights Portal

When employees take a Fysical Score™ assessment and proceed with the preventative care recommendations, they avoid injuries. Employee data is anonymized and aggregated to preserve privacy. Through this portal, employers have a view to the injuries that were avoided and the average level of care for those injuries.
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Neural Net

MyMedicalHub’s proprietary core technology and significant point of differentiation is our ability to analyze and report subjective data with objective measurement data. The aggregated data is collected and structured according to normative healthcare variables by Fysical Score baseline assessments, care plans and outcomes. In this way, population health outcomes are observable and improved care plans for specific body type scores are easily identifiable.
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