MyMedicalHub™ Changes Everything

Our AI-enabled interface and telehealth portal offer providers an intelligent, secure portal through which they can diagnose musculoskeletal disease and provide care virtually and on an ongoing basis.

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Schedule and onboard new patients via MyMedicalHub

This HIPAA-compliant interface enables a patient visit online from anywhere at any time

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Conduct detailed patient visits with the telehealth portal

The AI-powered physician’s assistant (AI-PA) can conduct screening or assessment questions prior to the provider entering the virtual treatment room.

The AI-PA auto-generates appointment report and syncs with the provider’s EMR to ensure accurate patient information

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Better Musculoskeletal Outcomes

with Fysical Score™ and MyMedicalHub’s Mapped Therapy Solutions

MyMeducalHub’s Fysical Score™ is fluid, functional and provides a standardized method to identify the contributing factors that predispose people to injuries, while providing an injury baseline or score for a specific body region. It’s both diagnostic and predictive. It identifies degenerative issues before they become catastrophic events, enabling real-time and actionable reporting. Fysical Score™ will become as common as every other biometric screening. As such, it will be important across the range of healthcare access points and providers, including hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, diagnostic imaging centers, orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, physiatrists, primary care doctors, chiropractors and physical therapists.

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