A cloud-based (SaaS), predictive healthcare informatics and technology company that is beating musculoskeletal pain
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Our Mission

Transforming musculoskeletal health worldwide through virtual assessments utilizing artificial intelligence

We envision a world where musculoskeletal assessments are as standard as blood pressure checks and cholesterol screenings. A world where injury risks are identified and averted, thereby avoiding needless pain for millions of people. We believe in a world where aggregated data – gathered from an integrated ecosystem — enables precise diagnoses and speeds patients’ recoveries when injuries occur. A world where this intelligence is accessed via an ever-learning telehealth portal.

There is a pain crisis regarding musculoskeletal health

Our 10-Year Journey To Beat Pain

About MyMedicalHub™

We empower and provide better insights to patients, providers, payers and employers by capturing the overall multi-factorial data points driving the causation of injuries.

MyMedicalHub seamlessly connects patients, providers, payers and employers to enable real-time, accurate, expedited medical care and preventive decisions. We empower subscribers through our AI-driven, user-friendly hub. MyMedicalHub leverages its proprietary all-encompassing SaaS technology, to accurately identify and report the risk factors that pre-dispose people to catastrophic injuries within a body region. This approach results in more efficient doctor-patient visits and more effective employer wellness programs.This methodology results in significant cost-savings and greater efficiency in the neuromusculoskeletal healthcare market. MyMedicalHub’s approach provides more accurate treatment interventions and ideally, when musculoskeletal risk factors are identified and benchmarked, can be predictive in preventing and/or minimizing painful and costly injuries.

It starts with the Fysical Score™

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What is the Fysical Score™

MyMedicalHub’s Fysical Score™ is fluid, functional and provides a standardized method to identify the contributing factors that predispose people to injuries, while providing an injury baseline or score for a specific body region. This “body region score” can be used to benchmark treatment outcomes among one or several providers. It is not just diagnostic. It is also predictive. It identifies degenerative issues before they become catastrophic events, enabling real-time and actionable reporting. In short, the Fysical Score™ is designed to accurately and consistently obtain significantly more patient information, and injury insight, in a 15-minute assessment, than the medical assistant or physician could gather in an hour or more interview.

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